Circulation and Stats

Each month, our Publishers will make a circuit of the state, personally delivering issues. Starting near Hammond, we will head east through Covington to Slidell. Across the Twin Span, we will hit the New Orleans metro area, then continue south-west to Houma, then up through Morgan City, New Iberia, to Lafayette. From there we will hit the I-10 to Lake Charles, possibly as far as Beaumont TX, before turning north through DeRidder. Next we hit Shreveport, Bossier City, and Loggy Bayou, then pick up I-20 to Monroe. We'll drop down to Alexandria from there, then through Baton Rouge and back home to Hammond. Along the way, we will be meeting up with representatives who will distribute the magazine to Independent shops, Bars, Clubs, Tattoo Parlors, and other businesses where you find Louisiana Bikers.
We are committed to always publishing more copies than any other Biker magazine in the state, and guarantee full circulation. Currently we are printing 200% of what we believe any other local or regional motorcycle magazine in Louisiana is printing, based on their circulation numbers as we know them. Anyone who wishes to confirm our circulation numbers, please contact us. The VP of sales at our printers has been authorized to provide this info to anyone who needs it. We are also looking into hiring an Independent Circulation Auditing firm. Our numbers are real, and we are willing to prove it. When you advertize with us, twice as many copies of your print ad reach the public, and online ads to the largest audience in the state are included as part of the package.
CLICK HERE for a current list of distribution locations.
We also guarantee ON TIME delivery of each issue, or your next ad will be pro-rated.
If we are ever a week late, your next ad will be half price.

Online Statistics


We will be posting online stats from our WWW page as well as social media sites.
Our WWW page is much more than just a PDF download of the current issue. We lease our own web server in a Data farm, which gives us a great deal of control, and almost endless possibilities. Our staff has over 20 years experience in Web Hosting, including eCommerce, SEO, SysAdmin, Product Management and Quality Engineering.
Our website includes expanded versions of the Magazine, with extra features and more pictures.
We have a Forum for members to chat and post, an online SwapMeet, and our Merch Store. The site is designed to draw traffic, and our advertisers will be featured all along the way.
Our www page has an Alexa Rank of 954,200 worldwide, and 156,468 in the USA, putting us far ahead of the other state-wide magazine in Louisiana, and even ahead of many national magazines. The other local Louisiana motorcycle magazine is not ranked by Alexa, as they only count the top 40 million.

Social Media

Our Facebook page is already FAR ahead of our competitors on Page Likes, and has been getting more engagement than all other magazines that cover Louisiana combined. While "Likes" are often looked at as the main Facebook stat, engagement lets you know if those people are actually looking at the content. The users we have are active and really using our page. Currently we are approaching 21,000 Likes and still growing. We were able to exceed 10,000 Page Likes before our one year anniversary, which was July 30, 2016. The stats on the chart here were pulled from facebook public records on June 22, 2018.
We have also established a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Online versions of our magazine are available at,,, and, as well as at our own website.


Our readership represents prime demographics for the motorcycle market.
The Majority are between 35 and 55 years old.
Women make up 34% of our readership, but account for 50% of our Reach. Women are the fastest growing demographic in motorcycle sales, and we can reach them.
Our readership is local. All of the top 10 cities according to access are in Louisiana.
Our readership really rides. This isn't something you can pull from stats, but all you have to do is watch our Facebook page or www Forum, and check out the reader's profiles to see that.
Our audience is strong, local, and active. With a typical reach of over 250,000 people per month on facebook alone, they make up an ideal advertising target for motorcycle related businesses.

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